Hi Everybody! Do Come In!

That’s it. Sit down. Get comfortable. And get ready to have fun learning about all sorts of music!

If you’re aged between about 7 to 12, then this site is for you! Take your time looking around. There’s lots to see and lots to hear. This isn’t your normal every day music site. It isn’t about things like rhythm, melody, harmony, reading music etc. etc.

This site is about types of music, musicians and the joy of live music!

If you’re new to this site, then take a look at the About this Website page. Then head for some of the Types of Music or Composers pages.

(Grown-ups may want to look at the For Grown-Ups and For Parents and Teachers pages as well.)

If you’ve been here before, then you might want to go straight to the News page. But don’t forget the other pages are there to help you if there’s something you don’t understand.

Have fun! And do write comments. It’ll be great to hear from you. But remember, please make sure you check with your parents or teacher before writing a comment!

Anyway, that’s enough from me for a front page. Enter and enjoy yourself!!! 🙂

P.S. Do you like the piano? It’s mine! (You can see another picture of it on the More About Me page.)

P.P.S. This site is very new. Please send me a comment if you see a speelling misstake, a link that doesn’t work, a video that won’t play, or anything that’s notquite right! Pleeeeease!!!! Here’s some sweets to say thank you for doing this:

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  1. A real instrument! Not a single CD or iPod in sight!!. This is my own picture.
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1 Shannon 30th April 2012

I like your music

2 doublevision96 12th September 2012

Thank you so much for this site!! It’s been very helpful. I teach k-6 music in the US

3 caitlyn d. 17th September 2012

THANK you for the info

4 Awsome person 21st September 2012

this is awsome

5 TONGA PRIDE 22nd October 2012

I Love music:}

6 Rad Ethan 11th January 2013

I like music because I play it!

7 Billy 9th April 2013

Thank you very much.

8 anthony 31st July 2013


9 Lee 17th October 2013

Love this site! Great job! Bravo!

10 Kayla 21st January 2014

I love this site!!!! Great job!!!

11 stephanie 31st January 2014

How would I cite your website? Thanks!

12 Malcolm Pullan 31st January 2014

The best way to cite a website is to cite the web address and the date you last viewed it on. I’ve seen this done many times and I’ve done it myself too!

13 deborah 3rd April 2014

I use it for my music students..it is great..
Wish you would do one on music of the regions of the U S.,

14 Malcolm Pullan 11th April 2014

Thank you for your comment. I’m afraid I don’t know much about U.S. music in different regions of the country!

15 cambelle D. 12th May 2014

thank you so much!!! this was really helpful I’m doing a project in 5th period music class on classical music and I aced it!

16 charlotte 15th December 2014


17 DanTDM 17th November 2015

Awesome site! Even I liked it! I learnd about Beethoven!!!

18 gracie 18th November 2015

discriptive and easy to understand good job.sory for the bad spelling

19 ingrid 5th December 2015

I was looking for a easy trio or violin cello and piano, and happen to find your Kids Corner. It’s wonderful to have a site like this. Thank you for your effort for putting up this for children.

20 Lauren turner 4th January 2016

I am exceptionally impressed with this website
the classical composers section is very thorough
Thanks alot
Lauren Turner

21 Kayla 19th January 2016

I like this website

22 Kashonna Lewis 22nd January 2016

I LOVE😍😍😍 this website it has so many infoabout music and composers.

23 Shannon Fidel 15th February 2016

I am 12 years old and play the tuba in a symphonic band. I love playing music and plan doing it for a long time. Thank you music!!!

24 Jessica 15th February 2016

I Love this site!!! It has so much info about music and composers. This site is so helpful it might even give me an A+ on my project. : ) ; )

25 Mark 8th March 2016

Wonderful site!

I struggle with both music and math but try to appreciate them as much I can.

One of the few examples of the benefits of having the internet, right here.

Many thanks

26 sarah 16th March 2016

thank my friends and teachers love this website again thank you

27 saeed 7th April 2016

I realy love your website! it’s too amazing!
thank you for this.

28 Liam Kniveton 16th May 2016

hi i love this

29 Paris 8th June 2016

This site is awesome

30 Moejeh 27th September 2016

music make me dance and is awsome

31 wyatt 28th February 2017

i like music

32 ??? 9th May 2017

I love this website! It helped me for my important music project, and the majority of my information was from here! I love how organized it is, and how you can add jokes! 5 out of 5!

33 OMG 20th July 2017

This sight is amazing, I went on holiday and realised I had to do a timeline project I went here and the answers were there!

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