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1 jessica green 29th September 2015

I have been told I am pretty sharp.
Did you get my note
On a high note , however
It was an accident I didn’t mean to harmony anyone

2 BoB the Builder 4th January 2016

Why couldnt the string quartet find their composer?

He was Haydn

3 Jake smither 6th January 2016

What does a Viola and a Lawsuit have in common?

Everybody is relieved when the case is closed.

4 Conor 22nd February 2016

What do you call a viola player with half a brain?


5 Jo 22nd February 2016

Why did Mozart get rid of his chickens?
When he asked him who their favorite composer was they all said “Bach, Bach, Bach!”

6 Alexa 28th March 2016

Why couldn’t the violinist find the violin?
cause it was Haydn

7 Isabella M. 28th March 2016

Why do musicians hate fish?
Because it has too many scales

8 Delaney & Friends 28th March 2016

Here is one more,

What is a composer’s favorite game?

Haydn seek! ^_^

9 Delaney & Friends 28th March 2016

Ok, we are on a roll here is one more,

Treble maker- *Robbed a music store
Police- You’re under a rest!

Get it?????:)

10 Blake Butz, Marc Pham, and Ella Kobyluch 28th March 2016

Which composer had the most colds? A: Tchaikovsky

11 Isabella M. 28th March 2016

Why was the musician arrested?
Because he got in treble

12 Isabella M. 28th March 2016

What’s Beethoven doing over Halloween?

13 Luke 28th March 2016

What is Tchaikovsky’s favorite candy?
Sugar Plums!

14 Isabella M. 28th March 2016

Why was Mozart waiting outside the door?
Because he couldn’t find the right key!!

15 Santi 31st March 2016

Why did Mozart kill his chickens?
Because all they said is Bach, Bach, Bach!

16 Natalia 31st March 2016

Q: Why did the pianist keep banging the side of his head on the piano?
A: He was playing by ear!!

17 palmyra 31st March 2016

why are pirates great singers?

because they can hit the high Cs!

18 Lindsey Henry 27th April 2016

What did the treble clef say to the bass clef? ITś too much treble in here

19 Ruben mf 5th May 2016

why did the composer climb the ladder?

to reach the high notes!!

20 Elise the Fantastic 27th May 2016

What is a golf clubs favorite music?


21 Caroline 10th June 2016

Q: What is the karate teacher’s favourite composer?
A: Chopin!

22 kiababy 10th June 2016

whats the difference between a viola and a trampoline ?????

You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.

23 Steve 13th June 2016

What is the difference between an onion and a viola?

No one cries when you chop a viola!

24 Shivani 13th July 2016

People were digging up Beethoven’s grave, he sat up when they open the coffin, and he was erasing his music. “What are you doing?!” they asked. He said “I’m DECOMPOSING”

25 Amy Drake 17th October 2016

What do brass players brush their teeth with?

A “tuba” toothpaste!

26 Shane Donnelly 2nd November 2016

What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument? a xylobone!

27 Ruby-Rae Kemp 16th January 2017

What did the sign say outside the music shop?

Gone Chopin, be Bach in three minuets

28 David Liu 4th February 2017

Here’s a joke:

Q: Why was the piano invented?
A: So the musician would have a place to put his beer.

29 Max 21st February 2017

What does a skeleton play? A trom-bone.
Whats the difference between a fish and a piano? You can tune a piano but you can’t TUNA fish!

30 max 24th February 2017

There are so many jokes about this composer. I could make you a Liszt.

31 Anayla 26th February 2017

How would a composer walk away then tell you he or she would come back.I’LL BE BACH!!!

32 Apurture 13th April 2017

What do brass and woodwinds say when they are trying to scam?

“No strings attached”

33 Apurture 13th April 2017

whats a Musician’s favorite Holiday?

Billie Holiday.

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