Robert Schumann was Born 200 Years Ago Today!

8th June 2010

Today is a special day in the classical music world. For on this very day 200 years ago, the classical composer Robert Schumann was born! Robert Schumann was a composer of romantic classical music. Among other things, he composed lots of piano music, songs, fours symphonies, and one very popular piano concerto. I like Schumann’s […]

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How Would You Like to Drive a World Class Racing Car?

19th May 2010

Well? Would you? I know I would. Unfortunately I never have. But on Sunday I saw a ten-year old do just that! She stepped up nervously into the driving seat. And after a grown-up started her off, there was no turning back—off she roared!!! It was amazing. A ten-year old driving a finely-tuned racing car […]

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Music About Bullying (Part Two)

11th May 2010

Did you catch my news artcle about anti-bullying a few weeks ago? If not, you may want to look at it (click here). In that article I talked about someone called Annie Lynn who has written music to say ‘Stop That!’ to bullies. Well today I want to tell you about more anti-bullying music. When […]

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An Opera for Kids????

19th April 2010

If you ask an adult about opera, most of them will make comments like, opera is boring, or opera is only for old people with too much money. To most adults, opera is a mysterious world which only mysterious people enter. They certainly wouldn’t think it’s a world for kids. And they certainly wouldn’t imagine […]

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Music with an Anti-Bullying Message

30th March 2010

Hi everybody! I hope you’ve had a great time looking at all my jazz artist and classical composer pages. I’ve got something completely different for you today! Have you seen my Why is Music Important? page? On that page I talk about how music comes to the rescue when words are not enough. Sometimes what […]

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And Don’t Forget the Classical Composers Pages!

23rd March 2010

Last week I told you all about the 23 new pages I’ve made about different jazz artists. I hope you’ve had fun looking at them! Today I want to mention the classical composers pages. There are even more of these than for jazz artists—there are 33! That’s a lot of pictures, a lot of interesting […]

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Check Out the New Jazz Artist pages!

16th March 2010

Hello everybody! Just a short note today. I’ve been working very hard to make pages about different jazz artists. And they’re now finished! There are 23 pages in total for you to check out. Each page has a picture of the jazz artist, some videos of his/her music (normally played by the jazz artist himself/herself), […]

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Making Friends by Making Music

9th March 2010

I listened to an interesting radio programme yesterday. It was all about music. It said many of the things I have been writing about on this website. For instance, the programme told listeners that no society has ever been found that does not have music! This means that music is part of what makes us […]

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Another great children&#8217s concert!

2nd March 2010

On the More About Me page, I wrote about how my father took me to concerts of classical music when I was only six! Well now I am a father myself, I want to do the same for my two daughters. And how lucky I am for this to be living in a different country […]

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One Week—Three Great Live Music Events

22nd February 2010

Last week was half-term break in the UK, so there was no school. This meant I could have a short break with my daughters and go to some music shows and concerts. Over the last week I went to three different events! I don’t normally go to that many in a week. It’s just the […]

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