Last week I told you all about the 23 new pages I’ve made about different jazz artists. I hope you’ve had fun looking at them!

Today I want to mention the classical composers pages. There are even more of these than for jazz artists—there are 33! That’s a lot of pictures, a lot of interesting facts, and a lot of videos!!

Like the jazz artist pages, there are two ways of getting to the classical composer pages. One is to click here. And the other is to click on the link that says ‘Classical Composers’ in the little box on the right.

Again, if you don’t know where to start you can go to the great composers page, or just choose which ever name you like the look of!

Do take a look at some of the composer pages. There’s a lot of variety—especially in the videos! There are videos of music for orchestra, piano, cello, singing, string quartet (a group of four string instrument)… And there are even videos of opera, ballet, ice-skating and fireworks!

But I’m not going to tell you where they are!! (I know—I’m a horrible meany.) See if you can find them for yourself! Who will be the first to find the ice-skating and fireworks videos? There’s only one of each and I will be able to tell when someone finds them!!! (There’s a hint about the fireworks video on the About this Website page.)

Bye for now! 🙂

P.S. I haven’t given many facts for some of the famous composers, such as Mozart. This is because these were the first composer pages I made. I wasn’t sure how much to write in each box when I started. I am going to go back over some of the composer pages in a few weeks and add more facts. So do come back to them later!