Hi everybody! I hope you’ve had a great time looking at all my jazz artist and classical composer pages. I’ve got something completely different for you today!

Have you seen my Why is Music Important? page? On that page I talk about how music comes to the rescue when words are not enough. Sometimes what we want to say is so important that we need something more than words. This important message may be very happy, such as ‘Happy Birthday’, or it may be very sad, such as ‘Goodbye’. Whether it’s happy or sad, we can use music to give the message more meaning. Using music in this way is both very moving and very human. It touches us at a very deep level and is something that all humans do.

I’ve recently come across a person who is using music to communicate something very important indeed. And I want to tell you about it. This person’s name is Annie Lynn. She lives in USA and has a teenage son. Her son is a little different from most children. Now what do you think might happen at school to a child who is a bit different? Can you guess??

Bullying! Isn’t that horrible? Many children know what it’s like to be bullied. Perhaps you’re one of them? If so, I bet you want to grow to be 10 feet tall, look down on that bully and say in a big, loud voice, ‘STOP THAT!!!!’. Wouldn’t that be great?

Unfortunately that’s never going to happen, and that bully is probably always going to be bigger than you. So you need to find another way to say, ‘STOP THAT!!!!’?

Well this is what Annie Lynn has done. She decided to say ‘STOP THAT!!!!’ by using music! And she wrote her own songs to say exactly that—one of which is even called ‘STOP THAT!’. Annie Lynn now has a CD and her songs are used all over America! What a great way to spread an anti-bullying message!

Why don’t you have a look at Annie Lynn’s website (www.annielynn.net)? You can even see a video there on the front page of her song ‘STOP THAT!’.

If you’ve been bullied at school, I wonder how you feel watching that video? Perhaps the music touches you deeply? Perhaps you feel that there’s someone in the world who understands what you’re going through? And perhaps you feel just that little bit taller—not 10 feet tall, just a bit taller—and a bit stronger to say to that bully next time you see them…


Isn’t music great?

P.S. If you are being bullied at school, please do tell your teacher or parent!